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    "Good news, the Shanghai stock market called me and said that Xu Ruiyang had returned to the Shanghai stock market. The intelligence department in charge of tracking him and discovered that he had returned home on tonight." Chang Yuqing hurriedly told Goto Zhonghe Made an appointment with Su Chengde.

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    The remaining ten went to a foreign company that closed in public concession and reopened for cleaning. Tan Dong A Trading Company also sent some boxes, it seemed they wanted this foreign company to act as their professional cover. Hou Chengye said.

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    He used to be the captain of Big Boss's bodyguard team. He has followed him for a long time. His understanding of this boss is actually better than many people.

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    The Xitian team can only investigate, but cannot conduct torture. This is the responsibility of the gendarmerie. Whether the gendarmerie should arrest and torture depends on whether the evidence is complete and the logic is clear or not.

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    Most of them were gold bars, US dollars and Union Bank notes, there were also small amounts of central bank notes and Japanese yen, and some account documents, which gave a strong impression. about vision for everyone. in the Suhuai area. Materials, earn a lot of money!

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    "Chang Yuqing and Su Chengde don't pose much of a threat to you. The key is this Goto Zhonghe. He is a senior employee of the second staff department, he is actually in charge of the work in the department. Acting His force is very strong." Xi Yixian said.

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    "Yongjin-kun is right. You can also supply cigarettes to headquarters. I will ask Secret Service Secretary Kawamoto-kun to discuss this matter with you." Shimomura Sada also thought that it could be used as daily consumables for headquarters.

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    "Other people cannot know, you know that there is no problem, we can trust you. General Kinoshita asked me to ask about your cigarette factory. You have created a lot of wealth for the gendarmerie , and you must be taken care of when it's time to take care of you. The gendarmerie will buy a batch of cigarettes as a benefit during the Spring Festival, and you can't let yourself pay for it.” Gangcun Shisan laughing.

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    Through Zhou Fuhai's account, combined with what he had recently heard from high-ranking officials of the Japanese military, Xu Ruiyang clearly understood the inside story of the entire incident, and was able to report to Organization and headquarters of the Military Command.

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    The female assassins of the three military commands all have their own skills. When it comes to close combat and shooting skills, An Zhanjiang is the best, Yimei is the best.

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    “Boss, Director Mao, there is a telegram from the Central Government!” The interpreter knocked on the door and said.

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    Silent for more than ten minutes, he continued to smoke, his face was pale and bloodless, but he still hadn't collapsed. Having done so many bad things, he also knew that he was half dead!

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    When he got home, he asked the chef to cook a few dishes and pour him a glass. After being "punished" by the Mai agency, the psychological pressure was finally relieved. He was not stupid, and thought that Tu Due Duong will find an opportunity to retaliate against Own.

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    The Eighth War Zone is responsible for the defense of Shaanxi Province, the Fifth War Zone is responsible for protecting the transportation arteries of Sichuan Province and Shaanxi Province, and the Sixth War Zone is responsible for the defense of the Yangtze River and two surrounding shore. Enshi. The central ministries even sent people to Xikang province in advance to choose the location. , ready to move.” I didn't expect that the Japanese army would cancel this strategic attack because of the unfavorable war in the South Pacific. The old man also rest assured, luckily it did not cause a stir." Dai Li said with a smile.

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    Silent for more than ten minutes, he continued to smoke, his face was pale and bloodless, but he still hadn't collapsed. Having done so many bad things, he also knew that he was half dead!

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    It is recorded in his diary that he told Kagezuo Zhenzhao that nine out of ten Chinese people believed that Britain and America would win the final victory, although he himself firmly believed in the victory of Japan, but the Japanese army occupied too many places and their forces. has been too dispersed, the strength of the players is not as good as England and the United States, and the future results are still unknown.

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    He quickly sent someone to bring food to the VIP room on the third floor. The two of them took the six-hour flight from Tokyo to Shanghai. They must be very tired and hungry at this point, so the boss could eat and rest. This is what subordinates should do.

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    "Dean, I'm Hua Due Duong. Call me in such a hurry. Is there anything important you want to explain?" Hua Due Duong answered the phone and asked.

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    In this regard, General Hayakawa Yoshihiro of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army Mobilization Command, and I explained to the Maintenance Department of the Ministry of the Army and the Administration Department that it is not the responsibility of the Marine Trading Company. Bone. The royal merchants welcome you and you will continue to receive goods from them in the future and you must ensure that the exchange of strategic materials will continue normal transactions. Yongjin Zuo Bizhong said.

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    This is not the first time I have received a mission, it seems that Japan's war resources have been consumed too much and are almost unbearable, which is why the Japanese army has to continue to smuggle resources they needed from Nationalist-controlled areas, such as fur, tung oil, and tungsten ore. , the area controlled by the Nationalist Party was the main production area.

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    The remainder of the net profits were used for bribes and dividends to key affiliates such as the Gendarmerie, the Secret Service, the Secret Service Department of the 13th Army Group, the Marine Corps Command, and the Kodama Agency. , as well as the 13th Army Command, the Japanese Navy's Combined Fleet Command, and the Consulate General in Shanghai offer their "condolences" during the holidays!

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    The detection ability of the Military Command cannot be ignored. It turned out that the four intelligence teams of the Doihara Agency, Nanzo Yunzi's Sakura Team, and the intelligence team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yamashiro were successively hunted down and captured by the Military Command. The entire army has been wiped out, only a few agents on the periphery are still holding out, we cannot make the same mistake.

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    Although Hikaki Inoue made a lot of money in Pengcheng, the gendarmerie did not gain any benefits, while the Pengcheng secret service made a lot of money. Because according to the agreement between China and North China, economic matters fall under the jurisdiction of the secret police. In his eyes there are no gendarmes, and no decent gifts during the holidays. However, because he was familiar with the major figures of the Chinese Army, and he had made great contributions to the empire, our gendarmes turned a blind eye to his activities. in Pengcheng, and don't care about those things. Everyone." Kudo Jiro said.

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    "If you don't want to go, you can follow me back to the Shanghai Stock Exchange tomorrow. This is not a mandatory requirement, the time can be about half a month. If there is an urgent matter, then go to the Exchange." Shanghai Stock Exchange." , you can choose not to participate, and the district chief will not blame everyone." Cheng Muhe said with a smile.

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    "After receiving the confession, the action team immediately took action, but Tang Yueqian was not arrested. It seems that he left the house tonight and only Inspector Jiang Bingcheng from China Central Region was arrested . Currently, the action team is stepping up interrogation and trying to get through in the shortest time." The agent on duty said.

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    "If you recommend this Shen Yizhu, let him go to the secret service to get to know him first. Even if he can't do this, he has no value of use. You tell he said that if the secret service asked for my opinion, I would not object." Xu Ruiyang said.