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    How is that possible! I don't have the guts, nor do I have an opinion! Reid said, "This thing in my world looks a bit like canned meat, but we don't put that many strange things in it."

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    Director Wang applied a different interrogation strategy to Wang Sufen, he asked Wang Sufen pleasantly: "Wang Sufen, it seems like you have never been in the organization's evaluation room, right? Please "Slowly, don't worry, there are no ghosts and Japanese criminals here." I don't want to ask any questions now, you are still yourself. Think carefully about how to confess to the organization.

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    After a while of footsteps, there was no sound outside the door. Li Denian once again thought that Yin Qunli had come up with a way to make Yan Fuzhi move the spy guarding him away. He quickly took out the short saw blade, strode to the window and took the time to capture him. saw head. wooden fences.

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    Of course, Wang Sufen's subtle actions were discovered by Director Wang, who had been watching her carefully, and he continued seriously: “According to what we learned from the Far Eastern newspaper, you have been out of contact with the Far Eastern Intelligence Service network for two years. year. , What happened in the past two years, I hope you will still honestly explain to the organization and hope for leniency from the organization. I also used to do undercover work, and I know that after losing contact with the organization for a long time, the situation was very difficult so even if something unexpected happened, it was understandable. However, this cannot be an excuse for not confessing to the organization. You should think carefully. This is the border area, a place that our party organization can completely control, not in an area occupied by the enemy. The Japanese devil here will not be involved for long. As long as you frankly confess, we will I will of course guarantee your safety."