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    "Chaorong is a very good person!"

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    The third rule, Lei Jie, has appeared and has killed all the demon cultivators here.

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    This Cao Bazi was originally the biggest gangster who was a vassal of the Tunhai State and robbed everywhere. Because he was not officially invited in by the Trunhai State, he was not considered a member of the Tunhai State. , and because he had many bandits under his command, he decided to take over the Tunhai Gang's territory, but the Old Swordsman Gang in the west of the city also had this intention...

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    On the other side, the elder of the Linh Vu sect suddenly looked coldly towards Phuong Cun, his eyes like lightning.

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    Especially the three people who just left, their tactics and strength are all first-class, they all fled in different directions. Even if there were people on the shore, they could not surround the entire Willow Lake, right? , How could he kill these three people at once? In particular, while killing, don't they feel a slight surge of killing intent and mana?

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    Boom! Boom! Boom!

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    Shaking his head, he focused on his path.

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    Now Fangcun has even fallen from the level of admiration, and become a negative regret!

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    "You have long had good and evil, merit and sin. This is the world of mortals!"

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    No one took this matter seriously before, but unexpectedly now Fang Cun is mentioned again.

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    The thunder was just a sound, resounding for a moment, then quickly disappeared, but the lunatic still flew around the back of the mountain like crazy, hitting everywhere, breaking countless rocks, countless towering ancient tree, fortunately he really couldn't find his opponent, so he fought frantically for a while, but only saw an empty and desolate mountain behind him, not a single person in sight...

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    As he walked away, his face gradually became a little more serious.

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    "Actually, you still look beautiful in red..."

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    And when that thought crossed everyone's mind, Lao Chao was filled with ferocity and roared like a beast.

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    Everyone suddenly showed surprise: Are you saying it so directly?

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    Elder Thanh Tung and Sect Master Tieu Huc both agreed and did not take it seriously.

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    "Ha ha, after all, he is still young and doesn't know how to control himself!"

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    "That, that, disciple of Immortal Master Phuong Tri, should have some of the manners of Immortal Master..."

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    He just looked at the scriptures in his hand for a moment and then threw them aside, he had already memorized them all. Now in the seven sutras, except the scriptures, all of them have been learned by heart and memorized through merit, and even the related notes have been read a lot.

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    While talking, Fang Cun looked at all the cultivators in this field, and continued: "If Lu sees such behavior, he will kill him!"

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    If Fang Cun were a student at Fang Cun Academy, then none of them would need to care about such etiquette, but according to Fang Cun's status as Immortal Master Fang Chi's biological brother, even Since they are the elders of the county clan, they cannot lack a bit of politeness at this time. Not only do they have to stand up to return the favor, but they also have to follow and pay respects, because he came to Liuhu city, but did not come to his house. Phuong's family pays a visit in return, so as not to lose the reason...

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    Accompanied by a loud explosion that shook the sky, a second thunderstorm fell.

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    Fang Cun escaping from the carriage and drinking tea in the teahouse while being hunted is a smart move, but since you have already successfully escaped, why reappear now, even if you do so, I also have to Wait until Lao Chao is completely subdued, now Lao Chao doesn't know what method he used, he looks scarred, but he is endowed with magical powers, and he's even scarier than before...