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    Wang Han still remembers Keles's story quite clearly. It has been a thousand years since he learned the reincarnation talent of the spirit group. According to the rules of the spirit group, once someone cannot control the spirit group in three thousand years. , then you will not be able to continue studying in the future. From this point on, Keles has no way to become an elf warrior, and there is no way to deeply help the elf group gain some relative value. sporadic breathing inside the sea of stars Although no one in the spirit would say anything about Kelais, saying that she was generally useless, or all sorts of insults, she was soon aware of the thoughts and always be grateful to the spirit for giving her all of this. For Si, if there is no way to help his group of spirits more effectively, then this is an insult to the spirit. Soul is simply more serious than death.

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    Even though the master and servant Vuong Han and Manh Mong stood at someone else's window staring at someone else for a long time, this old man with more than 20,000 cultivation levels did not feel that someone was watching him outside the window, right? Not even awareness. the breath was imperceptible, and there was no need to fight. If Wang Han wanted, he could easily join the event when everyone was fighting and enter the main city of Wangu Pool village. All the high-ranking people in Wangu Pool's Main Village were killed in one turn, it wouldn't take long, after thinking about it, they turned around and suddenly saw that the group arena was over, but all the High-ranking people have been wiped out. It must be very beautiful... Of course, the above ideas are all cute, Wang Han has no grievances or hatred towards the people in the main village of Wangu Pool, this is what helped him protect Nuo Qianjin and the people For many years, even if he used his own efforts to achieve these things, this Myriad Lake is not a benevolent existence, but you do what you do, if you don't hate, don't hate, pulling this bloodthirsty the guy goes directly. And this 20,000 year old boss had no idea that he was close to death, that he was still in the beautiful scenery of Barabara, and was still enjoying all the gifts that the people below gave him. Treasures.

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    And after the earth died, my soul passed through the space-time gap to the next world. At this time, my soul already had three things, a Cang Hanh Palace, a Pill Furnace, and a The coffin is already very rare. It existed, perhaps this small ball of breath was pushed out by the Devourer of Worlds from the dimension where Encore was located, and occasionally collided with my weak soul at that time. The cry for help from the ball of light? hehe, then I went to the lower world, which is the afterlife of humans and the Ancient Lake, coincidentally the small balls of light in that place are often filled with all kinds of weapons. There are also elements in the breath, just like this sea of stars is usually full of all kinds of flowers, other things are very few, so other people basically have elemental attributes, but I don't. yes, it must be The reason why my aura is basically the same as that of a cathedral. The space where the cathedral is located is still different from Van Co Tri. At least their aura light ball had no elements, which could also explain my aura. it was different from theirs at that time, not because I was useless, but because the little breath of my soul was closer to the source of the heart of the sanctuary. In other words, the breath on the outside is the same, but inside the breath is rich and colorful, perhaps the breath thinks that I am more suitable for this world, so it brought me here to be reborn." This is why I am a Roja The premise is that their souls have become much stronger after many years on Earth, otherwise, if the people in the Purple City died at that time, the souls Their souls won't be able to endure such long ups and downs. As for entering the big fat man's body, it's just that he just destroyed his soul, I just arrived, it's the breath that makes me revive."

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    Understood, it means that I have now joined. After becoming a clansman of the elf clan, you first give me some aura points, and later I will help the World Tree get it. Vuong Han continued speaking in Kha. Rice nodded in agreement, continuing to ask: "So after becoming a member of the spirit group, how can I help this giant world tree in front of me harvest breathing points? It's impossible for me to just stand there." here, Then it can directly take my soul power... This is too scary."

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    Is this the world you told me about before... It looks very different from our world before... But looking back now, it seems like this world is so small compared to our previous world. Ye Lin said something in a low voice, she stood next to Feng Tian and looked at the world timidly and full of curiosity.

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    This badge was completely condensed after 1,000 soul meteorites were destroyed, but when Wang Han checked the diagram of the golden group's badge halfway, he discovered that the badge had a golden border on the neck hands and golden group. The golden family's crest is completely different, the golden family's crest is a miniature of the World Eater, which looks like a metal skull, but the crest on the wrist is half of the he is a metal skull, but other than that, half of his face is a shield covered with a golden pattern.

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    She was very nervous, and when she nervously ran in to look around, she saw her daughter being held in Encore's arms, and the person sitting in the chair next to the Encore table seemed to be someone she knew. , and some people she didn't know. know all. An Kha also saw her at this time, nodded at her, with a smile in his eyes, "It's okay, you and I have no problem, you go to work, we will take good care of you." this little girl." Having finished speaking, An Kha spoke softly. scratched the little girl's nose, revealing a pampered expression, "It's really a bit naughty!" Seeing this scene, mother finally relaxed her heart. It's okay... It's okay, it's okay, this time it's not a big problem, she didn't say anything here, nodded gratefully, quickly left this place, God only knows what the person inside was saying. Anyway, she shouldn't worry about such things right now, otherwise she wouldn't be a confused military general. After she left, the conversation in the room continued, this woman did not know the people in this room, but An Ke did, in fact the people in this room had been friends for a long time.

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    So Vuong Han is definitely like that now. In theory, he shouldn't be so excited. He should look at the Tien Do great formation moving forward, just develop some chaotic things on his own. , after understanding the future of devouring talent, slowly followed. the path that others have found.

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    Shen Yueke then continued to give the answer, "Someday in the future, there will actually be a study of the biome to understand why all of this happened, but for now we i'm still thinking about how to get along with such a biome. At that time, this group attacked all our other groups, and they attacked us indiscriminately , and since we were originally a federation, we all knew very well the characteristics and shortcomings of each group, so after they took control of their talents, they took a direct hit with us belonging to about the kind of existences that were completely unable to fight back. Our technology and talents at that time were completely unable to survive at the hands of these existences, so after three consecutive times after the biome was immediately destroyed Instantly and soul-shattering, we Rojas knew we could not live in this place. A group of us was chosen to flee, while the vast majority of those who remained were delaying. It's time."

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    Yes! So we can't just be afraid of Rojas, and now I'm not sure if my thinking is correct, but I'm starting to understand why the former Cetafe could say that, why she could be so calm The main reason why she is willing to go behind Wang Han's back even if she is a tool is because she is willing to wash away the arrogance in her soul rather than indulge in her arrogant life and follow the Roja people. -come to earth to find out How did it all come to be like this? Isabelle couldn't help but speak, but when she said this, she immediately wondered, "Then father, why were the Roja people destroyed at that time? What did they do?"

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    "Oh, you're a tool maker." Isabelle was even more outspoken.

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    To be honest, if there were other Rojas alive now, then Wang Han would not let Feng Shuyi and the others do this kind of thing, but judging by the current situation, there is no Rojas beside him, because So he could only choose to do such a move for the future of the Roja people, and he was not aware of how wrong the logic of this was, or his consciousness had gradually merged with that of the Roja people. Roja, also became relatively indifferent towards other people. Except for the individual in his group, the other groups are like tools, as far as accusing him of what he is about to do, that is from the perspective of an outsider, as an authority. really, he doesn't have much room to think. Any breakthrough will come at a price. He can give up his life. After he really dies, it's up to his children.

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    After the wild animals in the next few cages were completely devoured, the current situation of the entire warehouse was terrible, you could see that kind of blood splashing everywhere, and Cetaphil, who remained in the last cage, licking. Blood stains remained on Yin Hong's finger. She had completely transformed into her adult form, from a fist-sized doll to now standing at the height of a standard woman, legs curled up against the cage, and everything. on her body can be seen at a glance. Vuong Han looked at her covered in blood, turned around and left, went to the cockpit of the spaceship to check the content of the Tien Do great formation. At least he wanted to know if such things could be said or not, and then if there was anything else. ? It's okay, otherwise, he wouldn't let something like that stay on his spaceship, it's simply a waste of time, not to mention he doesn't have that kind of hobby, even though Cetaphil is now mature enough to pick it up. fruit. .

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    After answering her question, this time it was Vuong Han's turn to be confused. Isn't the Roja squad a very strong squad?

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    In the future, if you have the ability like Phe The, to collect these scattered breaths into streams of breath that have never expanded before, and integrate these breaths into your body, then it will not be possible. The world will not collapse. But if you don't. If one didn't have such an ability and allowed the breath to expand in the blink of an eye like that, then the sky or the ground of this world would be directly divided. This is a complete crack in space, and breath will escape from these cracks. If the concentration of the breath itself is not very exaggerated, the leakage rate will not be very fast, just a few cracks in the skin, with the internal and external breathing pressure balanced, The spatial world will automatically restore itself, just like a healthy skin."

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    ... Feng Tian and Ye Lin looked at each other, and when they saw Qianqian in the cockpit of the spaceship, the three of them couldn't help but laugh.

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    He also wants to learn about other talents, and eventually integrate this talent into a giant talent that works and is perfect, even if this talent is quite complex and cannot be moved by spirits. normally, but once it was used by him. It would be a terrifying existence... But looking back now, Vuong Han felt he was not fully prepared. According to Tham Nguyet Kha's instructions before, he felt he should go once. again. Find the spaceship, wait another 20,000 30,000 years, wait until all of this is ready to be completed, then. . . Do not choose to leave the mountain. He also analyzed the space-time imprint backwards, trying to condense a rune that would make it completely impossible for him to be locked by the opponent, so that he wouldn't have to worry about his soul being directly destroyed. clean all. small breath of light... ...It still takes time, but I must say that the power he controls now is too strong! Those who belong to the same star field as the original group of goblins have completely opened up a big step forward!

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    Wang Han and Cetafe arrived at a reception building under the leadership of the clans of the golden group. Of course, there are still many buildings used for reception in the golden group, and people from other groups each other has arrived, they can all receive the welcome they deserve here. They wouldn't let a biome under 2 meters tall reach a 10 meter reception building, let alone let a biome over 10 meters tall reach a building that's only 1 meter high. People from different groups come to receive them, and they will not cause trouble for the partners they recognize, but it will take a long time to be recognized by the gold group. Wang Han is now sitting in a completely house-style building, and everything is just like what he thought, but much worse. The main difference is that this place, like other biomes, belongs to a culture that deeply understands other biomes, and then builds corresponding buildings to receive, to respond to. Phuong feels like being at home. whole Seems like a more civilized approach. But the difference is so different...

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    In the original star field, a cute little girl bounced around the streets, she had two beautiful pigtails, flipped her hair as she walked, her age was more than 200,000 years... That's right, she was Feng Tian and Ye Lin's Daughter... daughter... daughter... niece... niece... great-niece... ...super-niece weighs twice as much... In other words , after Ye Lin and Feng Tian gave birth in the temple system, their child grew up in the temple system for more than 200,000 years, then found someone in the temple group to marry, then gave birth, then grew up, then had children, and so on, so less than 720,000 years ago when Wang Han left, the entire Roja clan had recovered to about 2000 people... Well, these are still some parents who are not many children, and some have many children, after mating with people in the ancestral hall, there will be more, but no matter what, Vuong Han has become the ancestor of the Roja clan without knowing it... Phew! A true ancestor! He basically doesn't know the children behind him, let alone the children behind him. In other words, he also doesn't know what his son and daughter-in-law will look like when they grow up, this alone. researching these things in distant stars, not knowing that the rear had gradually become prosperous.

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    We are here to lead you to the core of the World Tree to see. You have just realized the regeneration talent of the World Tree, it is you who came to inform us, so that we can welcome you. The Tribal goblin group said so kindly.

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    "For example, the owners killed innocent people in the Lutford Starport and escaped to a place no one knows about. Then they simply dispatched groups of angels or other powerful and soulful beings. , then they can overcome the scene. You can directly infer the outline of Mr.'s overall soul, and if you know that outline, then even though you don't know how strong the soul under this outline is level, but for the absolutely unique soul, they can resonate in your mind. soul through the air. This imprint is harmless, and because it is harmless, there is no way How can you escape this mark, and your descendants in future generations will also be infected with evil because of this mark."

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    In Myriad Lake, Xiao Ya who was originally a teacher will sign up to participate in this space adventure, her documents have been prepared, and she is waiting for Skyline to open to enter Skyline this time, try to help some of the other People from Vanguhu or Penglai achieve even better powers. But when she looked at the employee in front of her with a smile, the world suddenly became like this, the miasma barrier originally used to resist Penglai's surprise attack surrounded Van Co Lake was attacked by this monster. .Like a weak spider web facing a giant monster, the magic circle is directly torn apart, whether you are a puppet from Penglai, or a beast from Wan Gu Lake, all are all useless in the face of absolute power! The aura was rapidly disappearing. He suddenly turned around and looked back. The monster's eyes swept across the ground, like a glutton entering a barn, they walked forward.

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    Just like the previous Encore meeting, Vuong Han couldn't explain clearly himself, so instead of letting himself mumble for a long time without the other person still not understanding, he could also let the other person understand the situation clearly. Present. .How is it. So he directly used his soul power to protect a few people and a lion, directly through the door of life brought his small planet, and returned directly to Tinh Hai. The next thing was very simple, that is, It was completely impossible for Vuong Han to explain the situation alone. He just let the city database display the details of everything that happened in front of him, ate hot pot and sang together, and then went live. to this place? Mom, you don't have to wear it when opening and hanging! Then, through understanding the database, they finally understood why all of this happened next year!

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    Even the eyes he looked at with Qianqian were cautious!

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    Under the watchful eyes of Cetaphil and Isabelle, Vuong Han quickly gave the answer: "On your spaceship or mine?"

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    How terrifying this power is!

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    After Feng Tian finished asking this question, Ye Lin also listened attentively, now she was also very, very curious about what happened to all this, and why she didn't see her father. Feng Tian... She was very concerned before. If you want to see what kind of existence the father of a person like Feng Tian has, you must know that Feng Tian has been constantly cultivating. He had a talent for all kinds of powerful combat and explosive power when he was young. In order to make other opponents surrender, Feng Tian's mother is an unfathomable person, she even saw Feng Tian's mother divide mountains and rivers during her training... The power bestowed by the method This terrifying method, She didn't dare to ignore it all, she worked hard in every way to finally escape that world with Feng Tian, and now all her thoughts were directed towards about that mysterious man... but she just can't see it. In addition, Ye Lin could clearly feel the sadness in Feng Shuyi's expression... This kind of emotion could be clearly seen... This was the situation that made her feel terrified once again. impressive, she just didn't frown much, she was a very strong existence, but why did such an existence show such confusion now? !